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If fine lines and wrinkles are plaguing your look and bringing you down, then Natura may have a solution for you. The fountain of youth has been found near Coral Springs, and its contents are administered through a syringe in the form of Botox Cosmetic. Botox is an FDA approved injectable, designed by Allergan Inc., to prevent and reduce wrinkles. It’s actually the pioneer of dermal injections in the aesthetics industry, having paved the way for other popular injectables that we have today. It’s been here for over a decade and has rightfully become a household name. When people think of wrinkle treatments, there’s no doubt that Botox comes to mind!

botox coral springs

*individual results may vary

How does it Work?

Botox consists of botulinum toxin type A, hence its name. The toxin is administered directly to the muscles that are causing the wrinkles—as wrinkles tend to form with facial expressions from overactive muscles in the face. The effect is that the target muscles are relaxed; temporarily immobilized which keeps them from forming wrinkles while you’re being expressive. If you don’t have permanent wrinkles, then this process can aid in preventing expressive lines from becoming permanent later. This makes Botox a great preventative for patients under the age of 30.


You can expect to recover and settle into your new look within one or two days after the initial treatment. Effects from Botox can be expected to last about four months before you need to worry about touch-ups.

botox coral springs

*individual results may vary

botox coral springs

*individual results may vary


If you are considering Botox, or any filler or relaxer treatment, it’s important to schedule a consultation before your treatment. During your consultation, you will be assessed and examined to determine the best possible treatment plan for you. Unique treatment plans are created for each patient to suit their individual needs. If you live near Coral Springs and you’re ready to get rid of your wrinkles for good, then give us a call today! We’re happy to help you on your beauty journey!

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