Microneedling Miami

Microneedling Miami

*individual results may vary

Are you tired of wrinkles, scarring, fine lines or pigmentation? Do you want to rejuvenate your skin? But what treatment would work best for you? Have you heard about Miconeedling Miami? If not, you are going to be glad you did! We here at Natura Medspa and Laser Center offer PRP Microneedling Miami! This very special treatment helps rejuvenate your face and give it a more smoother and younger appearance. If you want to reduce your facial concerns then PRP microneedling Miami might be the answer for you. The procedure will also help rebuild collagen. PRP Miconeedling Miami will rejuvenate your skin and help you look like a younger you!

What is Microneedling and PRP Therapy?

PRP Microneedling is an FDA approved facial treatment that helps produce collagen to the face. The treatment does two separate procedures. Those two procedures are PRP Therapy and Microneedling. PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma. The PRP therapy uses the platelets in the blood, the platelets have hormones and other components that can be beneficial. It is then injected to the face which helps restores collagen.

Microneedling uses a special tool for its procedure. Microneedling uses a specialize ‘machine pen’. The pen has tiny needles which makes little puncture wounds. After the wounds are made the healing process begins. The special light on the pen also begins the healing reaction for the body.

microneedling Miami

*individual results may vary

What is Microneedling Miami’s procedure?

Both the PRP therapy and Microneedling are used for the procedure. The procedure begins with blood being drawn from the client’s arm, it is then put into a separator. Blood and the plasma are then separated which is very important. The next step is the face is prepped, the doctor then proceeds to use the microneedling pen, which is browsed across the face. The plasma that was separated earlier is injected into the face during the process to help it enter deeper into the skin.

What does Microneedling do?

Microneedling has many benefits. One of the benefits is it brings the skin back to life. The collagen is restored, which makes the skin look younger.  And the skin now has more volume and looks firmer.

Microneedling Miami

*individual results may vary

What’s the results?

The results are a younger looking face. There can also be a ‘glow’ in your skin. The results should start to show after 2-4 weeks after the initial treatment. The results can last about six months.

Want to get started?

If you are interested in Microneedling Miami and would like to get started on the process please contact us! If you would like to inquire more information regarding Microneedling Miami treatments or other services you should visit our office or schedule a FREE consultation! We want the best for our clients and we are here to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding Microneedling Miami. Please come by and say hello! It will be great to meet you!

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