Tattoo Removal

Natura Medspa & Laser Center offers the latest and most effective laser treatment available for unwanted tattoo removal. Our technology is able to safely treat a wider range of colors than any other device on the market.

The laser emits powerful beams of light with very short bursts of energy, fragmenting the ink and allowing the body to naturally diminish the dispersed ink particles. Since laser light is monochromatic, various wavelengths are required to effectively treat different tattoo colors.


A consultation with our expert medical staff will help you determine the best approach to reduce your tattoo as there are a number of factors that are considered in your treatment plan. Factors such as where the tattoo is located, the age of the tattoo, colors used on the tattoo design, and your skin’s condition. If you have a one color (black) ink tattoo, you may be able to minimize it with one treatment. For those multi-colored tattoos, multiple treatments may be needed. Also, it is important to know that the FDA doesn’t regulate the ingredients of the dyes that are used by tattoo artists. The components of the dyes can widely vary.  During your consultation we will closely exam your tattoo and medical history to determine the best course of action for successful results.


How many Tattoo Removal treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments required depends on the age, color, size, location and depth of the tattoo. Some tattoos may require as little as 4 treatments while other tattoos may need 8-12 treatments. Treatments are usually performed 6-12 weeks apart to allow your system to remove the maximum amount of pigment between sessions. Tattoo lightening may continue for several months after the last treatment session.*

What Are The Chances You Can Remove My Tattoo?

With the versatility and technology of our lasers, your chances of successful tattoo removal without scarring are impressive. The overall majority of our patients end up with the successful reduction of their tattoos minimal effects of scarring or skin changes. However, factors such as dark skin tone, difficult colors, unusual ink components, the depth of the ink, and the quantity of the ink make it impossible to guarantee 100% success in all patients. Please come in for a consultation so we can assess how your tattoo will come out.*

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

The sensation of the laser pulses has been described as similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Fortunately, the procedure takes only a short amount of time. For smaller tattoos, the laser is turned on for only seconds or tens of seconds. Please ask us about topical anesthetic cream and cooling packs, that can be applied to the treatment area to reduce any discomfort.

Will The Procedure Leave Scars?

Any laser procedure can potentially leave scars. However, our laser system, which is specifically designed for the removal of tattoos, has a very low incidence of scarring.

Will The Procedure Cause Pigment Changes?

Laser procedures can lighten the skin leaving hypopigmentation or darken the skin leaving hyperpigmentation. These changes are most often very temporary and fade within time.

How Many Tattoo Removal Treatments Will I Require?

Most tattoos require anywhere from 5 to 15 treatments. The exact number of treatments will vary from tattoo to tattoo, and person to person. In general, light skinned individuals and older tattoos containing darker inks and red inks will require fewer treatments (5-10). While dark skinned individuals and newer tattoos containing yellow, white or fluorescent inks will require more treatments (10-15). Cover up tattoos will also require more treatments.

How Often Are The Treatments?

Healing usually takes only a few days but time is needed for the immune system to pick up the broken down particles of ink. Therefore, the treatments are spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Are There Any Restrictions Between Treatments?

For the first 24 hours after the procedure we ask that you rest, ice and elevate the tattoo, and stay out of the sun. The day after treatment the tattoo and the surrounding area may be red and swollen. We ask that you apply an antibiotic ointment. You may even develop a scab or a blister. We ask that you not pick the scab or burst the blister. It will heal over completely within the next few days. After that, we only ask that you keep the tattoo out of the sun by covering up and using sunblock for protection.

Can I Remove Only A Portion Of The Tattoo?

Yes. For example, it’s possible for us to minimize a name on a tattoo but keep the surrounding heart or frame.*

Can My Tattoo Artist Place a New Tattoo Over The Treated Area?

Yes. In fact, if the purpose of your tattoo removal is to clear your old tattoo and put a new one over it, you should consult with your tattoo artist before and during the fading process. They may only require partial fading of the old tattoo before they put on the new one, and thus, you may require fewer treatments.*

 Are There Any Patients That Are Not Candidates For This Procedure?

Patients that are pregnant, have certain skin or medical disorders, seizures, and taking certain medications should not have this procedure. However, each case is different. For this reason, we offer a complementary initial consultation to assess your individual circumstances.

Can You Treat Dark Skinned Individuals?

Yes. Our lasers can treat tattoos on most dark skinned individuals. We have had very good results, especially with dark ink.*

Can You Treat Permanent Make-up?

Only eyebrows that were tattooed with standard tattoo ink. Most Permanent Make-up contains iron that will darken with laser and should not be treated. If you are unable to find out what type of ink your artist used can consider trying a test spot.

If you’re considering Tattoo removal, laser, IPL, Photorejuvenation, or any of our other treatments – we invite you to schedule a free consultation 954-754-4492.

*Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.

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