Wrinkles are usually associated with aging, which brings about multiple biological changes in the dermis and 
epidermis. Increased collagen fragmentation, decline in the number of dermal fibroblasts that produce collagen, 
and reduced dermal circulation lessen the skin s elasticity and cause the formation of wrinkles.

Changes in the texture of the skin that appear as lines, creases or folds are called wrinkles. They are normal changes in the skin that occurs with aging. Medically, wrinkles are known as rhytides.

Wrinkles begin as fine lines and deepen with time. They occur mostly on the face, neck, backs of the hands and the forearms. They are not physically harmful, but can of course influence a person’s self-perception, and lead to a lack of confidence.

Expression lines that occur on the forehead, eyes and the corners of the mouth from talking, laughing and frowning can begin as early as in a one’s twenties. These lines eventually deepen into wrinkles and folds that affect deeper layers of the skin. Wrinkling of the skin caused by sun exposure can show up in the thirties. In the forties as dry skin becomes a problem, lines begin to deepen and progress through the fifties and sixties.

Not all wrinkles are created equally.  As a result, you may require different treatments to achieve optimal results in drastically reducing wrinkles.

Effective Methods for Treating Winkles*:

  • Botox/Dermal Fillers
  • Laser Facials
  • Laser Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Layered Liquid Lift

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*Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.

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