By now, you have probably heard a number of different things about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments and what they can do. From rejuvenating your skin to increasing your hair growth, there are a number of different ways that PRP therapy can provide you with the ability to reach your beauty goals.

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What Is PRP?

Your blood is made up of a substance called liquid plasma, which contains a number of components including red and white blood cells and platelets. The platelets are the primary ingredient in your blood which help it to clot when you are injured. Additionally, the platelets are called growth factors due to the healing properties they possess. Platelet-rich plasma is the part of the blood that is used during any PRP treatment. It is obtained by use of a centrifuge, which temporarily separates the different parts of the blood.

Athletes use PRP to help them recover more quickly from injuries such as sprained knees. At Natura Med Spa, we use PRP to assist us in providing the highest level of skin care possible as well as promoting new hair growth for those with thinning hair.

PRP Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation

It is possible to achieve brighter and younger-looking skin with PRP therapy! The reason for this is that when combined with microneedling, the PRP helps to stimulate your body’s collagen and elastin production, which helps to create tighter and thicker skin in areas where it is thinning. This process helps to greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The increase in your body’s collagen production also helps to improve your overall skin texture, which leaves you with younger looking skin. Additionally, if you suffer from rosacea or acne, then this is a procedure that you will definitely want to inquire about!

Simple Outpatient Procedure

Since PRP is a non-surgical procedure, there is no downtime, and it can be performed as a simple outpatient procedure. Other popular facial treatments such as facelifts, deep chemical peels, and laser surgery frequently involve a much longer recovery period. While you may have some lingering redness, this will quickly disappear and you will be able to resume your normal daily activities.

Increased Collagen Production

As we mentioned earlier, the re-introduction of your body’s own PRP into your skin can help to increase your collagen production. As you age, your body’s natural production decreases slightly each year. By scheduling regular PRP treatments, you can help your skin retain the natural elements that keep it looking young and smooth — collagen and elastin.

Reduction in Fine Lines and Wrinkles

One of the reasons that younger people look so young is the near absence of fine lines and wrinkles. Our bodies produce large amounts of collagen and elastin when we are young, which contribute to thicker, smoother, and brighter skin. As we age and our collagen levels decrease, our skin becomes thinner, which is what leads to the increase in fine lines and wrinkles. PRP is the solution for elevating your levels of collagen and elastin and reaping the benefits of youthful skin.

PRP Injections for Hair Regrowth

Not only can PRP improve the overall appearance and quality of your skin, but it can also aid with thinning hair. While thinning hair is more common in men, it is also something that many women struggle with. Whether you are a man or a woman, we know that you want to keep your full head of hair, which is why we are proud to offer PRP injections for hair regrowth. While each individual is unique and outcomes vary, most patients start to see results around three months after their initial treatments.

Long-lasting ResultsLong-Lasting Results

While it may take a little bit of patience to wait to see your results — around three to four weeks — we know that you will be excited to learn that the results last much longer — from 12 to 18 months after the initial treatment! PRP treatments are safe and have long-lasting results, which means that there is no reason for you to delay any longer.

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